The Rose Bowl is one of the most prestigious college football tournaments of the year and is the longest one that is still happening. Played on New Years day in California, the bowl usually takes two of the strongest collegiate from around the country and various conferences and pits them together in front of the largest college football audience in the nation. With so much pressure on the teams and anticipation in the air, it’s no surprise that there are frequent outbursts from all sides that could end up getting people in trouble. This year was no exception as the University of Oregon Ducks took on the mighty Florida State University Seminoles for a championship game that ended with the Ducks eviscerating Florida’s finest.

The end score of the game was enough for FSU fans to be upset about; the ducks walked away with an easy 59-20 win. However it was what came after that is the reason for so much internet chatter about the Oregon Ducks, sexual assault, and the infamous Jameis Winston. It turns out that once the Ducks had won, a chant was started off-field that was picked up by a number of players who were filmed chanting it. The chant, “No means no”, is a direct reference to the rape allegations against Jameis Winston and the non-investigation that cleared him of any wrong-doing. While the chant was clearly meant to twist the knife and gloat, people all over the internet are upset about it and the players who were caught are facing an internal punishment.

While FSU fans are upset, their reaction was to be expected. What is surprising is how many people with no interest in the sport have leaped on this chant. Many are saying that it is another example of men trivializing sexual assault and using it to gloat and display dominance over a defeated opponent. Others are lauding it for reminding people about Winton’s allegations and how there was no real investigation. These people are also saying that the chant was also meant to support victims coming forward to tell their story. No matter the meaning and interpretations behind the chant, the players are facing punishment and that’s all the University of Oregon has to say about it.

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