Sports in the United State of America (and probably most of the west) are seen as a way for individuals to show their athletic prowess while simultaneously showing their value in a team setting. While this is the norm for us, people in other areas of the world see sports through a different light, a light that is changing as time progresses. Sports in China are facing a sort of cultural renaissance. While they were once only seen as a way to increase national pride and patriotism, they are quickly being picked up for the lessons that they impart during practice and games.

Sports are quickly becoming popular in China for reasons other than national pride. As people begin making more money and joining the middle class, they look to further improve their health and their lives. They have begun to use sports as a way to get healthy, to lose weight, and to improve their relationships with the community that they belong to. People in China are also picking up on the positive aspects and lessons that sports help to instill in people. They’ve realized that sports are great for helping to increase confidence about yourself as well as helping teach children how to work together in teams. It also allows children to accept leadership opportunities and help increase discipline. Sports also help show people that goals can be met as long as you work hard enough towards them.

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