Even before he graduated from Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel has clearly had issues off the football field. He had issues off the field with both violence and alcohol abuse and even then, his skills on the field got him drafted to the Cleveland Browns. However even after joining the professional football league as one of the most promising draft picks in years, Manziel has continued to fail expectations both on and off the field. Instead of being know as a playmaker and outstanding quarterback, which he certainly has the potential to be, he is known for his struggles off the field and with the management of his team. It has gotten to the point where it seems as though the Cleveland Browns won’t even be taking him back when the next season begins.

Now, a recent report has shed light pointing to Manziel’s off-field problems being much more serious than previously anticipated and that they have been actively hampering his ability to perform on the field and do his job. If you follow NFL news, you’ve probably read that Manziel had been dealing with a concussion and hadn’t been unable to play or practice because of it. However it seems as though the truth of the matter is far different and, in some ways, much more sinister. The report claims that the real reasons for benching Manziel is that he had been showing up drunk to practice and that the Browns lied to cover it and, in some ways, enable his behavior.

While Browns then-head coach Mike Pettine said that he would talk to Manziel about his off-field behavior, the damage to the Browns is already done (plus Pettine is no longer head coach). There is a very real possibility that the Browns will face NFL discipline regarding their covering up Manziel’s issues and refusing to get him help. Manziel has more issues than the Browns though. Along with the probability of getting dropped and his obvious alcohol abuse issues, he has gotten into trouble for fighting with his ex-girlfriend and hitting her, as well as having his own father publically wonder if he would live to see 25.

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