Everyone knows the name Tiger Woods for one of two reasons, or both. The first reason is that Tiger Woods is easily one of the greatest golf players to ever play the sport and was a truly dominant player during the peak of his career. Unfortunately, the other reason people would know him is due to multiple affairs on his Swedish model wife, his divorce, and his subsequent admission to being a sex addict and going to therapy for his affliction. While Tiger has since rejoined his peers and competitors on the golf course, those who have been following are surely aware that his game has been lacking and he has steadily dropped in the international rankings. In August, it seemed as though his once stellar career was finally over when he succumbed to a back injury that has kept him from playing up until now.

Those who thought that Tiger was out of the game were incorrect and Tiger squashed the rumors on an interview that took place on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. Tiger Woods is fully healed and ready to get back to what he does best, playing golf and winning tournaments. Tiger, who just turned 39, has been using the recovery time for his back injury to hit the practice range harder than usual and is hoping that the extra practice time and effort will show in his game as he tries to make a comeback and reach his previous level of success.

Tiger Woods has only played 8 times since the beginning of 2014 due to his injuries and the surgeries needed to help heal them. Having not practiced for about so long means that he has fallen behind in both the physical and technical aspects of the game, something he hoped his extra practice time would help him overcome. With 79 PGA titles under his belt (of which 14 are majors), Tiger clearly has the skills and resolve locked away somewhere and it’s a matter of finding them before he’s back at full capacity.

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