To those who know about the history of baseball, there are few more unique and entertaining players than Yogi Berra. Berra’s fame was do to a number of factors that he could and couldn’t control. The first thing that people noticed about him was how different he looked than other baseball players; he was shorter, stockier, and lacked the length of their limbs. The second thing that people immediately noticed was just how skilled Berra was at the game of baseball. Whether playing as catcher (his main position), in the outfield, or at bat, Yogi Berra was able to beat peoples expectations and play a beautiful game of baseball that won him legions of fans all over the country and entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It turns out that Berra is so popular that people are willing to break laws in an attempt to get mementos¬†from his career; the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center was robbed on October 9th and Berra’s World Series rings and MVP plaques were among the items stolen and still to be recovered.

In an unexpected show of teamwork and support, both the Yankees and the Mets have announced that they will work together to donate high quality replicas of all of the items that were lost in the robbery. Along with replicas of all the stolen items, the two teams are also going to be donating new items to the collection so that the museum is even more impressive than it originally was before the robbery. 2 of Berra’s 3 MVP plaques were stolen along with all 10 World Series rings that he won as both a player and as the manager for the Yankees. The two teams are working together because they were the only two that Berra every played on during his illustrious career. He also led both teams to the World Series as manager with the Yankees winning and the Mets losing in 7 games.

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